Thursday, April 01, 2010

My Mind is Totally Otherwhere Right Now

sooo much works ill just close ma eyes for a min....
moar funny pictures

Lost in the maze of plot and traversing the welkin of dreams.

Today was day one of Script Frenzy. Afraid I haven't written any scenes yet. I had a few small details to work out first and there were other things on today's agenda--like a visit to the library and shopping--not to mention that my computer had its own agenda today insisting on downloading and installing updates right when I had the time to work on my script.

My mind has been otherwhere wherever I went all day. I seriously wondered if I should suggest to Ed that he put a leash on me to keep me from wandering in front of cars, taking wrong turns, bumping into shopping carts and shoppers, ladders and posts and displays in the middle of aisles. Visually impaired and distracted is NOT a good combination.

Ed said to me at one point that I walked like Stevie Wonder plays music. I said Hey, that's a good line. I might use it in my script.

Speaking of which....

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