Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Freakin' Me Out

Freakin me out!  ur doin it rite
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Why do we humans (and several cats I've known) seem to like to be skeeered?

That's the philosophical thought I've been playing with as I read Under the Dome, Stephen King's latest. I'd like to muse on it here sometime but I don't have time today. I've made it to page 511 which is nearly halfway. Not only is it getting harder and harder to put down, I only have until Monday morning to finish if I'm going to avoid a fine.

Besides the King novel due Thursday, there are several DVD due Thursday as well and several more due next week between Tuesday and Thursday (14 in all). Ed and I just watched one movie and half a season of BBC's Black Books on his folks big screen TV which we get to do when they're out of town. I'm hoping to watch one more movie and maybe two on the big screen before noon tomorrow. But I need to read for an hour or two in Dome first--wear my eyes out on the smallish font and then I'll feel I have the right to spend a couple of hours watching a movie.

But I'm in the same fix with several of the DVD as I am with Dome and three other books--been waiting in queue for months and my turn is nearly over and the queues are six weeks to six months for another turn.


I do seem to like to push deadlines. Is that another aspect of seeking out the freak out?

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Bonnie Jacobs 4/14/2010 6:06 AM  

I don't like scary books or movies.

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