Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Saying Good-bye...Saying Hello

About six weeks ago, give or take a week, my mini-tramp almost bucked me off when two of its elastic bands broke accompanied by a ripping sound. We suspect they were sun-rotted from the tramp spending the late summer and fall days of 2009 standing on its side on the front porch with its underside exposed to the afternoon and evening sun. The top side was protected by the blue vinyl cover seen in the pic below taken when it was fresh out of the box in October of 2008.

The slide show above is of me working out on it in late November 2008.

Above it sits on my in-laws front porch in November 2008 and below it sits on my Mom's front porch in February or March of 2009. (late Feb to mid March based on the blooms in my Mom's front yard in other pics taken the same day)

Above shows a section enlarged and cropped out of the pic seen below to show the frayed and broken bands. This pic was taken tonight of the dismantled tramp sitting in the back yard awaiting the next trip to the dump.

We have rescued the blue cover off of it and I intend to attach it to the underside of my new mini-tramp bought last Thursday seen below fresh out of the box with it's resistance bands, pedometer and DVD of workout instructions.

Or I may put the silver one on the bottom and the blue one on top. Either way I'm hoping that by having both sides covered the elastic on this one will survive the summer sun.

Of course if it were up to me, I'd make sure it wasn't left in the sun for ten to twelve hours a day. Especially with the bare elastic exposed. But the front porch is my FIL's domain and he rearranges it at several times per month between Easter and Thanksgiving and maybe half as often between Christmas and Easter.

Who am I to fault him for that? As witnessed by yesterday's post and all the others on the same theme, I've rearranged and reorganized my workstation at least as often if not more.

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