Monday, April 19, 2010

Want More Storytime.

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Being pressed up against a deadline with a 1074 page novel with the threat of having to wait months for another turn, forced me to put reading fiction at the top of each day's priority for over a week. Although I don't want to feel THAT much pressure all the time, I do want to keep fiction reading much nearer the top of each day's todo list. I really enjoyed being immersed in a long and riveting story and I want more of it. I want it to be more like when I was in school from fourth grade on when seldom a day went by that I had not consumed over 100 pages of fiction.

Since I didn't finish Dome in time to work on a review with the book available, I was hoping to do a musing ramble from memory about King's Under the Dome for this post but I'm just too wiped. I finished the book after ten last night and then spent the next 14 hours watching episodes of Bones Season 1. I finished that just before noon. Just in time for Ed to take it along with all the other DVD and books, including Dome in to the library drop box with just an hour to spare before before the 20 cent per day fines on six items due Thursday would have kicked in.

The sleep I had today amounted to little more than an extended nap so I am sitting here listening to Ed's snores with a sense of longing and envy. I can't think of one good reason not to join him.

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