Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wha cha doin?

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Yep. Still reading.

Sorry. I should probably just put up a closed until further notice sign until I finish the book.

Today we had blue sky and the temps hit the 70s I got to read out on the front porch for several hours this afternoon and early evening. With Ed and Merlin on his leash. That was refreshing but it probably slowed me down. So many distractions. Like unsnagging Merlin's leash off things. Or trying to figure out what he was looking at so intently. Eavesdropping on nearby conversations. But the case of cabin fever I have is raging.

I got on my mini-tramp for several short sessions. A few of them I even had the book with me and read while I moved my feet. This provided a workout for my arms as well. It would not surprise me to learn Under the Dome weighs ten pounds. If I did not have the book stand to hold the book for me as I read I would not be able to read it for longer than fifteen minutes at a time as I could not hold it steady at the right distance and angel any longer than that.

1074 pages! I think I typed that in wrong earlier this week and need to go back and fix it but I don't want to take the time right now. Monday morning is fast approaching.

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