Monday, April 26, 2010

I'd Rather be Crocheting

I guess I've sunk into some hitherto unknown slice in time and space where it's as if there is no passage of time. At least I've lost all sense of it. Since the wee hours of Friday morning I've crocheted around 19 bookmarks. 15 of the original pattern and four of a new one I call the mini-scarf.

I've only done the crochet part though. They all need their tails tucked. Two each for the original pattern and 18 each for the mini-scarfs. Then they along with the 16 others made in the last six weeks need to be blocked and dressed. The original pattern aka the granny or shell stitch are dressed with ribbons and beads. The mini-scarves need eleven one-inch tassels on each end and the twelve or so with the crossstitch stitch need the single fat three inch tassels.

I should stop crocheting and start tending to the finishing touches. But will I?

Probably not tonight. And not only because I'd just rather be plying the hook and watching the things form under my fingers. It is a great deal to do with the fact that the blocking and dressing procedures can't be done while sitting on the edge of the bed with a single small pool of light from a desk lamp light which is what I'm limited to when Ed is sleeping.

What I need to do is flip my hours again so I've got enough daytime in which to pull down my supplies and spread out over the bed and room with them.

Meanwhile. I've got another idea for a new pattern which I might play with tonight. And it will look as pretty in either a single color or a variegated which would mean only two of those pesky tails.

But my right arm between wrist and elbow is twinging already and I've only crocheted two bookmarks since waking this afternoon. So maybe I'll get the tapestry needle out and start tucking tails which uses a different motion...


...or maybe not.

I could work on my Script Frenzy script. I've actually been working on it in the story-dreaming mode while crocheting. I've always found needlework that requires little thought once you've mastered the stitch and gone on autopilot to be conducive to incubation of stories and poems.

Or, I might just read . I've got a little over a 100 pages left in The Time Traveler's Wife and I had great difficulty closing it when I had to sleep Sunday morning and yet haven't picked it up again yet.

Or, I could watch some DVD that are due at the library Thursday, which includes Season Two of Dr Who and the BBC mini-series Clarissa. I've got to have both of those finished by Monday morning latest so I shouldn't wait too much longer to get started. And those aren't the only DVD coming due Thursday. There are also two documentaries, the movie Flash of Genius and the BBC series 3 of Black Books. But those last two Ed wants to watch with me. I just included them here to indicate the time commitment between now and Monday morning.

And still, I'd rather be crocheting......

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