Friday, April 09, 2010

Read-a-Thon Frenzy Prempts Script Frenzy

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I must admit that I've not done much with my Script Frenzy project for several days and now it will be a few more before I do as tomorrow is the Read-a-Thon so today has been all about getting prepared for it and Sunday will be all about sleeping it off. I'm hoping to be asleep within the hour so I can have a full night's sleep before 4:30am.

Today's prep included preparing three posts including this one. The other two being the Read-a-Thon post itself, My Brain on Books VI, and the post for the mini-challenge I'll be hosting between 2 and 5pm. Last year I didn't prepare the mini-challenge post until a couple hours before it was due to launch and it ate a huge chunk out of my reading time.

I've got three large print novels lined up for tomorrow. I'm hoping to read at least one cover to cover. I may not confine myself to them as I've plenty of other things in this room to choose from, including e-books and scripts in PDF collected for Script Frenzy.

I'll probably begin with Louise Erdrich's Shadow Tag as, at 265 pages LP, it is the shortest. The other two large print novels are The Time Traveler's Wife (643p) and Her Fearful Symmetry (637p) both by Audrey Niffenegger.

Ed has picked up a few finger foods and some drinks and will pick up more tomorrow. He's notified his mom we're fending for ourselves so we don't have to come to the table and I don't have to do dishes. He will be reading along with me part of the day as an unofficial participant. He no longer has a blog so I've offered to let him comment on his reading in my post tomorrow but he doesn't know if he will.

I'll be depending on caffeine, chocolate, energy drinks and my brand new mini-tramp to get over the rough spots. Although I should second the advice I've seen on the read-a-thon blog itself: beware coffee in amounts and strengths you are unused to. Same with sugars.

And this is the truth: five minutes of activity is as stimulating as a cup of coffee or tea. That's why I'm so glad to have replaced my defunct mini-tramp in time for the read-a-thon. I can even keep on reading while I move on it as long as I step gentle and keep at least one foot planted on it.

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