Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some Things Are Just That Fun!

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Today was the second weekend of race season at the local dirt track and thus my second Saturday home alone for 8 to 12 hours. Last week it was very close to twelve. Today it was just over eight hours. Last week I had to prioritize the 300 some pages I had left to read in King's Under the Dome and 5 DVD all of which had to be in the library drop box before noon Monday. This week such pressures were off. I did have some chores to do in our room and laundry but nothing pressing. I was planning to spend the bulk of the time working on my script for Script Frenzy as I mentioned in last night's post. And if the weather was good (and it was!) I wanted to sit on the porch with Merlin and a book for a bit, alternating reading with sessions on the mini-tramp. And this evening I'd hoped to watch a movie on the big flat screen TV in the front room.

But before Ed and his folks left at 2 this afternoon, I started crocheting while listening to downloaded news pods. After making five more of the original pattern bookmarks, my wrist was twinging so I decided to get out the embroidered bookmark I've been working at for several years off and on. Next thing I knew I was glancing up at a dark window. I hadn't eaten. I hadn't started laundry. I hadn't sat out on the porch with a book and Merlin. Hadn't got on the mini-tramp.

No. Instead, I had sat in the same spot I spend most of my waking hours all week--the edge of the bed--and worked the hook or needle while listening to month old news; something I could do any time of any day. Now, unless Ed's folks choose to go out of town on the same day Ed has to work, sometime this week, I have to wait a week for the next race day, hoping for a dry track, to have another chance to do those things I can only do when I'm home alone.

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