Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: Forget Me Not

forget-me-not by Alice Popkorn  (cc)
So long 2014.

I will not forget you
but not for trying.
Your whirlygig antics have
ground my nerves raw.

Thanks for the memories...
urm...not so much...
well, one, anyway.

I guess you were an affiliate
of the School of Hard Knocks
and devotee of the theory:
'you must be cruel to be kind'

for you were generous with your cruelty
and stinting of your kindness.
Maybe someday I will thank you for the lessons
having found them crucial to my future joy.

but not today...

Today I say "Get thee hence
before I slam that door on your behind...
and take your 'kindness' with you
to where the sun don't shine."


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