Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Forays in Fiction: Too Many Irons? Or Lack of Dedication?

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I'm not really claiming I have writer's block at the moment. I just couldn't resist sharing my LOLcat and it's not completely unrelated to what's going on. It's more likely that I'm just not prioritizing all the irons I have in the fire this month such that writing has top honor. Most of the irons were related to writing in some fashion but in the end have sucked up so much of the heat of my energy, creativity and time that the writing itself has fallen of the coals.

What irons am I referring to? Here are a few:

  • Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon on April 10th in which I hosted a mini-challenge and put up the 5 prizes (custom made crochet bookmarks).
  • Preparing for possible involvement in a citywide yardsale with a table featuring my crocheted bookmarks in mid May. (am trying to accumulate 100+ finished)
  • Still working on the Book Drum profile for The River Why
  • My turn came for a plethora of library DVD I'd been in queue for for weeks or months. More on the way in the next month. (some of these can be counted as research for Script Frenzy but research that should have been done before the 1st of April)
  • Ditto for a number of high demand library books in the last three weeks with more coming in this week and more the week after that.
  • Working on a website I'm building
  • Working on some unfinished book reviews

April 10 was not the only 24+ hour awake event for me this month. It was the third that week and there have been two more since. Though all the 'event's besides the read-a-thon were just me being so wrapped up in whatever project I was focused on that day or, in a couple cases, being pressed by a library due date. (Like watching 14 episodes of Bone season 1 in 12 hours following the last 4 hours push to finish Stephen King's Under the Dome.) It's no wonder I'm distracted and weary whenever I call up a WIP in WhizFolder, a word processor, or the Celtx script ap and the moment I start thinking about one of my stories my first response is to get sleepy.

This is the last week of Script Frenzy and I'm going to turn my focus back to my script for the duration even though that will likely mean scrambling to complete other projects up against much closer deadlines the first half of May. I could just bow out of Script Frenzy this year and move on calling what I did the last week of March and the first week of April good. But I'm afraid if I did that, the story would end up abandoned forever and I was truly having fun with it. So in the spirit of that fun I'm going give my script top priority for the next seven days.

That doesn't mean I won't be picking up any of the other irons at all just that I'm moving that one to the front and committing to giving several hours per day of attention to it.

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