Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Taking it Easy

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Feeling a bitt under the weather today. Am hoping it is just the sudden return of Oregon overcast and sky-drizzle. Or allergies. But my MIL has a cold and I know all the sleep deprivation of the last several weeks has weakened my immune system. So I'm going to respect my bodies signals of distress and have an early night. Again. I slept from 10pm last night until 7am this morning and took a 90 minute nap this afternoon.

Have had productive day in spite of it though. Worked several hours on a web page project I've had up my sleeve for awhile. Crocheted half a bookmark. Would have crocheted more but got a massive knot in my thread.

And in keeping with the sentiments expressed in last night's post, I read about 80 pages in the novel, The Time Traveler's Wife, in the last 24 hours. Would like to make that 100 pages before I sleep.

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