Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Saturday: Be There or Be Ware!

B der or b ware!1!
moar funny pictures

The read-a-thon is coming. The read-a-thon is coming!

I'm so excited!!!

At least I would be if I weren't nearly face-planting on my keyboard. I didn't lay down between 3am and dawn as intended. I'd been alternating between reading Stephen King's Under the Dome and watching news pods or Lost episodes online ever since finishing last night's post. I kept on alternating between reading and some other less eye-straining activity until after 3pm when I crashed into a nap that Ed woke me from to prepare for the call to dinner at 5pm.

The King book is a library book and is due Monday. Ed was going to read it first and pass it on to me but it was obvious he wasn't going to finish leaving me enough time so I'm getting a head start on it reading while he's sleeping, at work or on his laptop.

I can tell you right now though that I won't be spending much if any time with it for the Read-a-Thon Saturday. The book is 1074 pages and hardback and heavy and awkward to hold steady at the optimal distance from my eyes. Even using the Book Easel. I may, if I'm in a place hard to leave off, spend a little time with it when Ed isn't wanting it Saturday but it's unlikely as I'm planning to switch to one of the two and possibly three large print novels I've collected from the library for the Read-a-Thon. I'm hoping to read one cover to cover and maybe get well into a second. I dislike setting aside one fiction story for another but in this case....

I've also got a few dozen ebooks and scripts loaded on my netbook which can display any font size I need at the moment though reading off the screen has its own issues.

This will be my sixth Read-a-Thon but the first one since cataract surgery plus new prescription eye-glasses significantly lessened the visual impairment in my central visual field that had been making reading more and more difficult in the previous five years. I’d had the surgery before last October but didn’t get the glasses until the week after the read-a-thon. It did nothing for the peripheral vision destroyed by RP of course but its the central vision that I use most for reading and close needlework and writing.

I'm hoping that this switching of my hours will stick through to Saturday morning. If it does, it will be the first time I participate with more than 4 solid hours of sleep to start off. In fact the last three began with zero to 40 minutes in the three hours before kick-off and I'd been awake since noonish on Friday. And yet I've made it to the finish in all but one! During my second one I had to quit with thirty minutes to go because I was hallucinating. LOL The following day, I had to re-read the last thirty pages of the book I'd finished just before crashing that time and discovered that I must have been dreaming the ending of the story because my vivid memories of the stories finale were in fact the author's version.

Well, if I'm not to risk that happening again, I'd better wrap this up and do a bit of crashing right now.

Oh, I’m also to host a mini-challenge again this year with my crochet bookmarks as prizes.

And I'm probably going to sign up for a little bit of cheerleading too though I've yet to do so.

I'm so psyched.

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