Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Did Someone Call for a Slugline?

Script Frenzy kickoff for me is about four hours away but I rather doubt I'm going to be able to stay awake for it seeing as how I've shorted myself on sleep every day since Sunday and sleep not at all in the last 28 hours. I think I'd be doing my script and story more honor by sleeping first and getting started tomorrow.

I spent part of this afternoon reading the how-to material on the Script Frenzy site, reminding myself of what sluglines were and their standard format, the fact dialog is indented nearly to mid page and single spaced without quotation marks unless the speaker is quoting someone else, that ever change of scene (place; location;) requires a new slugline establishing where and when and every slugline must be associated with action text also single spaced establiching what is happening on scene whether or not there is any dialog. Sluglines are all caps as are all occurances of character names and the significant action verbs.


JOY sits on the edge of the bed a netbook open on the tray table in front of her. She types at steady and considerable speed but frequently BACKSPACES to correct typos as her head TILTS ever closer to the screen. Suddenly she jerks upright with a START and a GASP. The cat curled against one hip sleeping startles awake gripping her leg with extended claws. JOY DISENGAGES the claws from the denim.

__________________ JOY

____________ Egads! I'm seeing two of everything! You've got yourself a twin Merlin.


___________ Meow?

JOY SHAKES her head vigorously.

__________________ JOY

___________ Yikes! If I don't lay down, like NOW, I'm going to be drooling on my keyboard any second.


OK a bit silly and far from perfectly formatted which is hard to do in a blog post without tables but it gives an idea of what is entailed. And also dramatized my very real current situation.

[*note: INT = INTERIOR while EXT = EXTERIOR]

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