Monday, March 01, 2010

Who knew?

so it tru der such a ting  as 2 much a gud thing
moar funny pictures

I did one better than Gus Orviston and his ideal schedule of 16 hour of fishing per day. Or I should say four better as I spent at least twenty of the last twenty-four hours working on prepping my crocheted bookmarks for the display at the library. I started working on it shortly after posting last night which was shortly after the Book Drum tournament deadline passed. I had over 80 naked crocheted bookmarks of a variety of patterns and colors and over half of them still neeed their tails tucked ant to be blocked and all buta handful of the rest still needed to be blocked before they could be dressed in their ribbons, and beads and ric-rack and charms and tassels and fringe and buttons...

I began by blocking the ones with tails tucked onto a bath towel hung on a hanger hung on the door with straight pins and the sprayed them lightly with water. Then I finished crocheting the bookmark I'd started the day before and then started tucking tails--the starting and stopping string ends for each bookmark and when there were multiple changes of color, for each change. There were two with eleven horizontal stripes, a couple of dozen or so with three vertical stripes and twenty or so of the original pattern with just the single color. It was 4AM when I began and noon when I finished tucking the last tail. By then I'd been awake for 25 hours and hadn't eaten since dinner the night before so I stopped for a bagel and coffee. After which I began blocking the thirty some I'd just tucked. It was 2PM by the time the last one was blocked. I was hungry again and stopped for lunch.

After lunch I checked the ones block earlier that morning and most were still damp so I left them be; decided that I'd get out and organize the 'wardrobe' of ribbons and beads etc and if they were still damp I'd use a hairdryer on them all so I could get started. I had hoped to be ready to leave for the library with twenty or thirty dressed up bookmarks by 1PM. It was 3PM before I could start taking the pins out and that took an hour. So it was after 4 before I started dressing them. The library was to be open until seven so I thought I'd see how many I could get put together by five-thirty and then get ready to go. But I lost track of time and Ed came in to check on me at six. I started to get my clothes and shoes together and then took a look at the bed with all the stuff spread out. Ribbons and string and beads and baubbles and trinkets and...A kitty paradise. There was no way I could leave Merlin unattended with that he'd already had to be pulled out of the box I'd been packing the freshly dressed bookmarks into had been walking all over the mountain of pillows and blankets I'd pushed aside and sticking his nose and paws into all the bags and boxes and trays.. but there was no way I could close the door to keep him out as his litter box is in here and there was no time to put it away and still get to the library in time. So I had to call and postpone until tomorrow.

Then I went back to work and had put together another dozen or so by 9PM. when Ed asked for the bed to be cleared so he could sleep. Which I should be doing myself as I've been awake 37 hours and I have to be ready to leave for the library in 14 hours. There is only a four hour window of opportunity on Tuesday--10 to 4 but Ed probably can't get here before 2 so I'm supposed to be ready to leave by then. Sooner if possible in case he can get here sooner.

I took some pictures today but I didn't feel like messing with getting them off the camera and processed. My computer seems to be busy, causing a lag in mouse and cursor action and I'm sure trying to use a graphics program won't help. Its either the virus update or the first of the month update from Windows and other aps. Or maybe I need to do a restart. Not sure when I did one last. Was so focused on the River Why research for Book Drum for the last two weeks. It hasn't been that long but I can't recall when the last time was..

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