Saturday, March 06, 2010

Snuggle and Snooze Time

it b snugglz n snooziz tiem
moar funny pictures

I crashed early last night--before 9pm and then woke at 4am. Been awake ever since and using my eyes hard--reading and crocheting. More reading as I made only two original pattern bookmarks though I read nearly two-hundred pages today in several books. Finished the novel Dead Until Dark and then browsed in several other books before settling on Elegance of a Hedgehog as the next one to focus on. It wasn't even a close call as it is the only one with a long queue waiting their turn so it is not going to renew and I already had to send it back unfinished last December and just now got my turn again. I had to start over though I may be able to skip ahead to where I left off after i get my bearings.

It's definitely not escapist fiction. It's heavy on philosophy and irony. It takes as much focus and acuteness of mind as The River Why. In fact I'm thinking that I would like to do a Book Drum profile for it after I finish the River Why profile. But if I were going to do tha I would have to buy my own copy of the book as I couldn't depend on the library copy staying with me long enough.

Meanwhile tho I can barely keep my eyes focused for this. I gotta call it a day.

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