Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Watchin Stuff

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Last night I was racing to finish a novel that was due at the library today. I finished but not until after dinner tonight so it didn't go back yet but will on Thursday morning before the library opens. Since our branch isn't open on Wednesday anything in the drop box on Thursday morning is checked in as if it were returned before midnight Tuesday. Yes, I do take advantage of that more than I probably should.

The next priority is the DVDs due Thursday. Over six hours worth won't renew as there are queues for them. I could, of course take advantage of the fact the library is closed until Monday morning so I'd be safe from fines as long as they are in the drop box before the library opens. But that isn't much help in light of the fact there are another 10 to 15 hours worth of DVD due between Monday and Tuesday. And the library is open on both those days so anything due on Monday must be returned before the library opens Tuesday.

And there are four more DVD waiting at the library for either me or Ed. Which well all be due next Thursday, all but one not renewable and that one only if no one gets in queue between now ant then.

There are so many at once because we have come to the head of several of the queues we've been in for weeks or months. Plus I had also sent for a bunch of others in my effort to binge on movies as part of prep for ScriptFrenzy which kicks off Thursday at 12AM.

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