Thursday, March 18, 2010

Inspector Lewis PBS

Discovered a new TV series. Had checked out a DVD from the Library Monday with two episodes of Inspector Lewis a spin-off of the Inspector Morse series. Watched both of them back to back last night. 90 minutes apiece!!

It should be obvious what attracts me to this. It's set in Oxford an ancient college town and often the campus itself. The mysteries are smart with clues often rooted in literary reference, word etymology or history.

Above is a clip from one of the episodes on the disc: Live Born of Fire

Above is another local station trailer. Local somewhere not local to me.

Below is a fan-made trailer with clips from several episodes including the two I watched.

I was delighted to discover our library system has the complete first and second season available.Not full seasons at once but individual discs holding two episodes like the one I just had. Can't wait. But will anyway as I've got eight DVD items checked out currently and one is a complete season of Dr Who.

Thank God for libraries!!!

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