Friday, March 05, 2010


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Still taking it easy and yet managed to be productive. I got sixty-some tails tucked on the bookmarks I crocheted this week; got the borders crocheted around the two needing them. Still need to make the tassels for three of them. I also reorganized the drawer I store the thread balls in and managed to get all eight of the new ones in though it is a tight fit in two layers and I can't get to the bottom layer without removing several from the top.

It also means I can't just open the drawer and gaze upon the selection at one glance. I'll have to keep both colors and their positions memorized and keep them in their position when not in use. That last will be the most challenging. Quite likely not achievable. LOL. Staying organized is not my forte. And when I demand it of myself, I tend to be less creative and less productive. After all the best way to keep them organized is to not pull them out to use them at all.

I think I'm fighting a cold though I'm still hoping it is just massive fatigue after last week's push towards two big finish lines. Either way I'm continuing to take it easy and am planning to sleep early again tonight. Meanwhile I'd like to get back to the novel that has me in its grip--Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris. Completely escapist paranormal-mystery. Fun and easy.

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