Thursday, March 04, 2010


moar funny pictures

On my second day of doing what I want when I want, I continued to crochet. I have now made one original pattern bookmark from each of the eight new thread colors plus two of the newest pattern--the one that has a tassel instead of a ribbon--the first in black with five brights pictured in yesterday's post still on the hook and a chocolate brown with a greens, blue and tan variegated also still on the hook as juas as with the black and brights I need to tuck the 22 tails before I can put on the border and then the tassel. I decided to wait until I get all that done and the tails tucked and the ribbons etc applied to the eight smaller ones before I take any more pictures to post. I hope to make that tomorrows project.

I'm really liking this new pattern. There are endless possible variations on the theme. As with the white and pastels or the black and brights the five inside stripes can each be a different color or they could be all the same contrasting color to the background color. It'll take awhile to get bored with this one.

I did do other things with my day though. I read a novel for two hours. I took a four hour nap. I listened to about five hours of news podcasts. I daydreamed a lot. And Ed and I watched another DVD this evening before he slept.

And in spite of my four hour nap earlier I'm tempted to join him.

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