Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A Rainbow Delivery

Today was my first day out from under the pressure of a deadline in over a month and the first time in three weeks that I could allow myself to do whatever I felt like for a whole day. I thought I would be sleeping a great deal of it but I woke at dawn after only eight hours of sleep (after days and days in which I rarely got six and mostly snatch 2-4 at a time) hungry and thirst and eager to start my all-for-fun day. And then I started by cleaning out my email inbo which I'd let fester for half a week. Oh well, some of that was kinda fun.

Then I settled in with a novel other than The River Why for the first time in over three weeks. But I didn't get twenty pages in before my in-laws returned for going after the mail and brought back the box of crochet thread I ordered from Jo-Ann's 12 days ago. 8 brand new colors.

Any guesses how I spent the rest of my day?

Before breaking out the new thread though (except for opening the box and stripping the balls of their cellophane in order to feast my eyes) I made myself finish attaching the tassels to the pastels and white bookmark i crocheted late last week. it was supposed to go in the display at the library but I didn't get the tassels in. But I had cut them and I knew that if I started working with the new colors before I finished that it would languish for who knew how long and what were the chances of keeping track of dozens of 1.5 inch pieces of thread?

That pattern is one I thought I was inventing myself as I had the idea of making a mini-scarf as a bookmark when I was crocheting the scarf for my nieces Xmas present in November. But then not long after that I saw more than one example of it online. Oh well I guess that means my concept was valid. And I didn't use a pattern to make mine. I made it up by fell as to how wide and long and how many colors. The first one I made was shorter and only alternating burgundy and bronze. I still haven't attached the tassels on that one but nor have I cut them either. i cut the tassels for the white and pastels one at the same time as I cut the big tassel for the other one using the same colors yesterday when I was prepping bookmarks for the display case.

The first one I crocheted after that was the bright variegated on the original pattern with the granny square stitch. Those take me just under forty minutes most of the time now. I tucked its tails immediately after it came off the hook. Visions of that stack that accumulated since January and the 5-6 hours of tail tucking I put in Monday haunt me. I hope to be more disciplined about it now. But I sure know how to set myself a hurdle when I aim intend better for I chose to start on a pattern destined to create 22 tails.

The black and bright stripped one is still unfinished as it needs a border and a single fat tassel on the end. An example of it in white and pastel is featured in the pics of yesterday's post. I can't put the border on until I tuck the tails. But it will stay attached to the black ball until I can put the border on so if i hope to use the black thread for another project anytime soon....

I took a break from crochet for almost three hours this evening to watch The Mists of Avalon on DVD with Ed. Excellent movie.

I'm itching to pick up the crochet hook again tonight but I'm afraid if I do I'll still be at it at dawn. Far better choice is to sleep now and play again tomorrow.

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