Saturday, March 13, 2010

Watchathon in Progress

wen ai sez ur gonna hafta glue mai eyes open if u wantz me to wach wunz moar minit ai didn
moar funny pictures

As declared in last night's post, I'm having a DVD watchathon this weekend. I began with the BBC series To the Manor Born since that was the one I'd already begun last fall. But I couldn't remember where I left off so I began at beginning thinking I'd skip ahead until I didn't recognize an episode's beginning. But I ended up watching the complete episodes from the beginning. They're about thirty minutes each and I've watched 14. There are 20 total plus a special episode and other features on the forth disc which I estimate to be 2-3 more hours of material. I'm a sucker for the special features stuff so I'll probably watch it all. So I've got five to six more hours of To the Manor Born before I move onto something else.

Ed wants to have a marathon with Black Books tomorrow afternoon and evening so that leaves me with the three movies to fit in between now and Tuesday morning--after finishing Manor Born of course.

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