Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Forays in Fiction: DVD Binging

I'm forcing myself to give the crochet hook a break. It's time to make room for other things when the thing you spend all day doing also takes over your night dreams. It's gone into the monotonous zone.

I'm reading today and planning on having a DVD binge all weekend as several are due at the library Monday and Tuesday.

I guess it's obvious why this first one would attract my attention. A story about story telling. A story about a fictional character who discovers he is a fictional character because he begins to hear the voice of the narrator narrating his every move. And it is a woman's voice.

As if that weren't enough to hook me, Emma Thomson plays the writer.

Hounddog staring Dakota Fanning is a story about keeping hold of the dream that gives your life meaning even when everyone around you tries to take it from you. Its about the spirit that is at the heart of all creativity and all creation.

This one too has a literary theme in that it is based on the life of the poet Dylan Thomas.

Black Books is a BBC comedy series about a book store owner who hates his job and his customers and loves his booze. This disc contains all of the first season.

To the Manor Born is another BBC comedy series about a widow who is forced to sell the manor after her husband's demise. She moves into the manor lodge on the edge of the property and watches the life of the manor continue through binoculars. The 'classless grocer' who bought the manor and the lady of the manor bumble into each other frequently, aggravate each other constantly and are obviously meant for each other from the get go.

I had this checked out last fall before NaNo and didn't finish. In fact watched only half a dozen episodes I believe. This boxed set contains the whole seeries.

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