Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Serenity #168

Funny Pictures of Cats With Captions
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Dreaming of naps. Only dreaming. Awake but dreaming. I think this kitty nabbed my nap.

Almost forgot to do today's post. Was working on the Book Drum project right up until the deadline. I finally populated the sixth section at 10:40PM which qualified me for consideration in the Tournament. Then I started putting bookmarks into the still empty 24 page sections, copy/pasting from my notes like a dervish to see how many I could get in there before the 11PM deadline at which point they would be taking a 'snapshot' of where all the Profiles stood. I needed 11 to not leave any empty. I got five or six done before 11 I think and then kept on working for the next hour until I got at least one bookmark in each 25 page section. I didn't bother with any media. I focused on titles and authors from the epigraphs heading the chapters throughout, adding Wikipedia links only, no other media. I'll go back and add pictures etc later.

I've been so hyper-focused on this project for the last twenty days that I'm not sure how to loosen my grip. But I have to as I've another commitment in twelve to fifteen hours at the library to set up my crocheted bookmark display. Which isn't ready as I described yesterday. I may not get more than a nap if that between now and then. I'm going to be tucking tails, weaving ribbons, blocking bookmarks, ironing ribbons, threading beads and hopefully finishing at least one more bookmark that is the first of a new pattern with a new stitch I just learned.

I'll try to take pictures for posting later this week.

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