Saturday, February 27, 2010

So, So, So, So Busy

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26 hours left to get my Book Drum profile of The River Why in shape for the tournament. I can continue to work on it regardless but won't qualify to be considered for prizes if I don't have all six sections of the profile populated by 11PM PST Sunday February 28. Until this morning I'd put all my efforts so far into the Author and Bookmark sections and after a week of work on Bookmarks I'd put up 25 Bookmarks for the first 10 pages. A Bookmark is like a mini blog post in some ways but on a specific topic pertaining to a specified page in the book. The idea is to identify something that could possibly be enhanced for a reader by further information or visual or audio augmentation.

In the case of the River Why a lot of maps, pictures and video of Oregon locales especially the rivers are in order. But I've also added stuff about fly fishing and fly tying, meeschaum and briar smoking pipes, Izaak Walton's The Compleate Angler, Dylan Thomas, Scottish Divine Zach Boyd, British Author and friend of Tolkein and C. S. Lewis, Charles Williams, Nijinsky, the blues singer Taj Mahal, H2O, St, Augustine, Tweed, Winnebago, the Rover P4, calligraphy, name etymology, Orvis the giant fishing gear retailer, Rattray's Highland Targe pipe tobacco, Glenfiddich, For each of these topics I provided whatever visual or audio item might pertain, wrote a paragraph or two and linked to outside resources for for citation or followup. All of that and more and I still working on chapter two and haven't passed page ten!

It's a bit like creating an informal encyclopedia targeted at whatever is mentioned or alluded to in the story. And David James Duncan likes to pack his paragraphs with mentions and allusions and begin each chapter with epigraphs relevant to it. He also loves puns and other kinds of word play.

When I woke at 5:30 this morning after five hours of sleep and set to work I would not let myself return to making bookmarks until I got the last four sections of the Profile populated so I spent the first several hours of the day working on the glossary section and got 30 some words and definitions input I have more ready to go but I'm leaving it at that until I get all the rest of the sections populated. This afternoon I finished preparing the Settings section. That leaves me with the Summary and the Review. Probably no more than 1500 words total between the two most of which already exist in my notes but need extensive editing.

As soon as I get them done I can return to creating bookmarks. It's going to look rather funny to have only one of the 25 page sections of Bookmarks populated when there are over 300 pages counting the Afterward. I hope to be able to put one bookmark into each of the remaining 12 sections.

And even though I have until 11PM tomorrow, I shouldn't really give all of my time and effort to the Book Drum bookmark project as my other bookmark project deadline hits Monday afternoon when I have an appointment at the local library to set up a display of my crocheted bookmarks in their glass display case. And I'm sooooo not ready for that either. Oh I've got nearly 100 crocheted but only half a dozen are dressed in their ribbons and beads and tassels and nearly half need their tails tucked and nearly all need to be blocked--even those that once were because the way I stored them and fussed with them their edges curled. And even the dressed ones have wrinkled ribbons as most of them were made for myself or Ed and have been in use and the ones that weren't were stored with the naked ones part of the time so their looking bedraggled themselves.

But I'm not good for much in the way of quality work at the moment. Can't keep my eyes open and I've been making two typos for every ten keystrokes for the last two paragraphs. Gotta give into it.

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