Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Watch this. nao jus try not yahn.  Darez ya!
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I'm going to have to do a quickie post tonight as I'm still seventy pages out on a library book that was due yesterday and in order to dodge the fine I need to send it with Ed when he leaves for work in the morning so he can drop it off in the drop box. I've stayed up reading for four to six hours two nights in a row and this morning I didn't sleep until after 11AM and then slept fitfully for under four hours.

I could have had the book finished yesterday evening but I spent hours and hours writing. Not on my WIP. In fact not on any files of my own. It was all in blog comments, email, IM or other web forums. All that writing has primed the pump well and I'm itching to put similar effort into my own creative work.

But first I need to finish that story or it will haunt me until I can get it back from the library.

When I woke up Ed was installing Microsoft Office 2007 on my netbook. A co-worker had been given a package that included 15 licenses and he gave us two. Awfully generous eh? I spent a couple hours after dinner exploring One Note, Outlook and Access. Barely skimmed the surface.

I love exploring new applications and discovering what they can do and how they might fit my needs or inspire me do or create something I hadn't thought of before. I could spend hours more at it--if I could keep my eyes open. But that wouldn't get the book finished and the story is calling to me.

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