Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Waking the Inner Demons

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It seems the very act of sitting down with intent to write instigates a chorus of wails and whispers and yowls and hisses. You'd think someone had just pulled a cat's tail deep in the recesses of my mind and that cat was wreaking havoc near and far with claw and larynx.

The first instinct is to clap hands against ears which surprisingly works to hush the hullabaloo even though its on the inside and not generating physical sound waves in the first place. But then it is impossible to operate keyboard or pencil with hands thus occupied. Which was the whole point after all.

I wonder what might work in place of my hands to stiffle that squalling? Maybe a pair of vividly imagined hands left in place while the physical hands return to the keyboard? Maybe a vividly imagined stern school teacher or librarian with her finger over her mouth emitting a long "Shhhhh"? Or a mother rocking a fussy baby singing a lullaby? Or how about some music? It isn't called 'music' by accident.

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