Saturday, February 13, 2010

Normal People Scare Me

Normal People Scare Me

This is a 9 minute set of clips from the 90 minute documentary I watched today. It was conceived of and co-directed by an autistic 15 year old kid. I don't have enough thumbs to give it the number of thumbs up I would like to--at least a dozen. This gave me great insight into what its like to see the world through their eyes. I think I'm going to have to check it out of the library again so I can watch it several times right around the time I'm ready to start writing actual narrative and dialog for the story for which this is research.

And then I spent hours and hours--literally lost count--doing further research on autism spectrum disorders online.

That's the way I do research. I lock my mental jaws on and won't let go. The research is for a character in one of my WIP. Not even a major character but the son of one.

Taylor Cross co-directed with his mother Keri Bowers
Joey Travolta produced and mentored
Taylor Dayne sang the theme song " Locked Inside of Me" which was written by Joey Travolta and Jeff Lass

(Yes, that's John Travolta's brother. I couldn't resist going to Joey's Wikipedia page to see because what are the chances that two men close enough in age to be brothers with the same last name and both with first names that start with J and both in the film biz, that they are completely unrelated.)

Here are some of the links I collected. I haven't yet visited all of them and even those I have I wouldn't dare to vouch for as I'm still feeling my way around. Though several at the top of the list are associated with Taylor Cross's film in some way so they're probably cool.
This is the official website for the film and several more on related issues.

If this looks a bit haphazard its because my eyes were wore out before I started putting the post together so I'm just slapping this togehter with a lot of cut and paste from my notes and directly of web pages. Trying to avoid as much reading of small fonts as possible as well as typing because I'm so fumble-fingered and frazzle-eyed. I think I've been awake for something like 36 hours. Trying to remember. What day is this?

I was collecting 5-10 vids in my quick list for every one I watched or partially watched and when i made myself quit I had over 60.

Obsessed much?

I will only share one more.

Some of the highly creative people who either had diagnosis (and only among the cases of modern individuals still living)or there has been speculation regarding how the known issues on the autism spectrum fit their known traits and eccentricities:

Jim Henson
Michael Edward Palin - comedian, Actor, Writer
Satoshi Tajiri - Electronic Game Designer
George Orwell
Charles Darwin
Henry Cavendish
Charles Schultz
Hans Christian Andersen
Jane Austen
Sir Isaac Newton
Alfred Hitchcock
Wolfgang Mozart
Thomas Jefferson
Craig Nicholls
Woody Allen
Thomas Edison
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Dan Ackroyd
Bill Gates
Lewis Carroll

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