Monday, February 01, 2010

Shut up, Show up, Slop it on...

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Today is the beginning of my new year in terms of my goals and intentions. I wrote January off as a long vacation due to the multiple disruptions caused by my three week out of town trip coupled with the acquisition of my netbook on January 2nd to replace the laptop that died in mid December.

But the packing, unpacking and traveling are over now and I've had plenty of time to get all my files and applications set up on my netbook and get familiar with working on it. So it is time to make it serve the primary function for which I wanted it: writing.

My Saturday post discussed the call to 'Shut Up and Show Up' I received when I stumbled onto a talk show just in time to hear that advice given to another writer. I know that I need to add another layer to that advice: to permit the making of a mess-terpiece.

So my mantra is Shut up. Show up. Slop it on.

Which means: stop talking about my stories and poems with others or myself; apply fingers to keyboard or pencil and words to screen or page; let the words flow any which way without fear of messing up. In fact encourge a mess. For a mess can be cleaned up but you can't tweak something out of nothing.

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