Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why Do I Go To Extremes

I thought to put up another quick Billy Joel vid for today so I could get back to work on my River Why project for Book Drum and when I saw the title for this one I thought 'perfect' to go with the comment/plaint 'why do I always push a deadline over the cliff?'

Then I watched the video and noticed the drum action and thought 'cool, I can mention that and say I'll have to look into who drummed for Billy Joel. But not now. Next week after my Book Drum and bookmark deadlines are past.'

Then I noticed this video in the related:

So now I know who Billy Joel's drummer was. And that he gives lessons and that there is one lesson related to the drum action in 'I Go To Extremes' that can be downloaded. A 43 minute lesson. Sure, and i bet it's $50 right? But no. It's only $4.99. That I might be able to swing in the near future.

Meanwhile a whole slew of Liberty Divitto vids showed up in Related. I started to add them to a quicklist so I could send them to my Drums playlist for later perusal but I reminded myself that this was something that could wait, that I had all the info I needed to return and harvest them later. But I couldn't resist watching a couple more:

See what I mean about going to extremes? Two vids would have been plenty and I might have been back to work on River Why half an hour ago. Sigh. This next week is going to fly by with me feeling like I'm falling out of the sky the whole time.

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