Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The epigraph heading chapter two of The River Why, "The Rogue River fishing War", was a piece of verse and when I followed up on the attribution below it I discovered a musician I'd never heard of before and am now grateful to have discovered him.

I'm a goin' fishin', Mama;s goin' fishin'
An' de baby's goin' fishin' too.
Bet yo' life
Yo' sweet wife's
Gonna catch mo' fish dan you.
--Taj Mahal

I was delighted to then find a YouTube vid featuring Taj Mahal singing this very song.

For more of Taj Mahl's music and news of performances and appearances visit his website.

You can pretty much count on all of my posts between now and next Monday featuring something I've researched and developed for my Book Drum profile for The River Why.

taj mahal siging the song in the epigraph "i'm a goin' fishing'

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