Monday, October 31, 2011

NaNo Nerves?

Just who here has the scoop on water anyway?

I awoke from a dream last night in which I overheard two voices arguing.  One saying in a voice dripping with scorn that the story didn't hold any water.  The other saying with belligerence that it did so and in fact it held enough for a pelican's suicide.

I woke up giggling.

The puns my mind makes in my dreams crack me up sometimes.

NaNo starts for me in less than six hours now and I haven't been back to sleep and that in spite of spending most of the night and morning feeling like I was coming down with the flu.  Maybe it was just a case of the nerves.  Tho it felt a lot like the mumps and mono rolled into one. And stomach flu too.

Even if it was just nerves it would behoove me to get some sleep before the midnight start.  A nap at least.  And then plan on laying down again as soon as I get my 1667 words.

As much as I'm loving Scrivener.  In concept anyway.  I don't think I've got enough familiarity with the features yet that the ap can fade into the background while I focus on the story.  I keep fiddling, fudging and fumbling my way around and I know that will interrupt the storydream state that I must maintain to write the story.  So for a few days at least I'm going to stick with Whiz and on days when I make my 1667 words in plenty of time I can move them over to Scrivener and keep fumbling my way around it until I am comfortable.

Time for a NaNo nap now.  And even if nerves keep me awake a few hours with the lights out and netbook lid closed (if not eyelids) while I daydream my story will be more helpful than all the frantic research, fiddling with aps and fretting.

BTW if you're a WriMo my username is joywrite.  Buddy me.

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