Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Serenity #251

My Kindle for PC Library
 showing the end of my Jane Austen and
the first of my L. Frank Baum collections
enlarge pic to read name of my collections and
the number in them on sidebar

In the last couple of weeks I've been invited onto three blog tours for newly released books to include giveaways.  They are to take place in December but I've received all of my copies already because I chose Kindle editions.

I'd known about Kindle for PC for nearly a year but never got around to downloading it until I decided to ask for Kindle editions of the review copies.  I chose digital copies for two reasons: my room is already overflowing with books and my eyes are rebelling at reading regular sized text--my reading speed has slipped below 20 pages an hour again.  I need size 14 to 16 font and very narrow line widths to be comfortable and maintain a speed that at least approaches normal talking speed.  In high school I read three times normal talking speed at nearly 1000wds per minute so it has really been a come down to have to slog through text at three minutes per page instead of two pages per minute.  I need the narrow lines because my vision radius is now so narrow I tend to get lost scanning from the end of one line to the beginning of the next.

The first of the review copies arrived in my email the day after the Dewey read-a-thon and since then I've downloaded over 100 free Kindle editions.  about 60% are classics or public domain, a few are free shorts or 1st book in series from established authors about to release a new book, a few are self published.

The ones I'm most excited about are probably the entire Jane Austen set, the entire L. Frank Baum set, War and Peace and a large collection of Myth/Fable/Fairytale anthologies.

I've never read any of Baum besides The Wizard Oz and one other whose title I can't remember.  Neither my school nor public library had more than that when I was a kid.

My Kindle for PC showing my Review Copy collection
on book isn't showing its cover.  Possibly because it
was an email download instead of an Amazon gift
The three giveaways I'll be hosting with Premier Virtual Author Book Tours in December:

Laughing Through Life by Connie Corcoran Wilson  December 8
Youth and Other Fictions by Jonathan M. Cook  December 14
Delayed Flight by John J. Smith  December 6 (tentative--will update this if it changes)

So here I show that book opened to its cover image

My Kindle PC showing my text size and line width and page height preferences
I set my prefs similarly on word processors as seen in Saturdays post re setting pref for Scrivener as I prep for NaNo
which BTW starts in 18 hours as I publish this very late Sunday post.  I slept from noon to five and then seven to midnight Sunday as I knew I needed to do something about the sleep deprivation before NaNo starts at midnight Monday night..  I started feeling like I might be coming down with something Sunday morning and am still feeling it and am going to panic if I have to start NaNo out sick.  So will probably sleep extra again today, Monday (its already 6am Monday tho the post stamp is set for 11:55pm Sunday.  I started working on it at 2am and got sidetracked by the third email containing a review copy.)

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