Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sunday Serenity #248 Handmade Spring

Crocheted Flowers

I mentioned last weekend as BBW was ending that I was anxious to pick up the thread again and suggested I'd be posting pictures before the week was out. I did pick up the hook and thread again on Tuesday but after hours of fiddling on half a dozen unfinished projects I had nothing to show for it as I'd had to pull out every stitch I'e put in all day. I was so fumbled fingers and my count was constantly off and the work on the lavender flower in progress already was lopsided.

Well today I tried again and managed to finish the lavender flower and add the yellow and the pale pink ones seen here. The blue and the coral pink were already finished. I'm still happier with those two than the three I finished today but I'm still satisfied with today's work.

 My control of tension is returning and so hopefully the next ones will be even better. If I don't wait so long I forget the right counts for each of the sections. Since I had made it up as i went on the coral, the first one, I knew at the time i should be writing it down but I didn't listen to myself.

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