Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's That Time Already?

o hai! wuz wurkn al day on sumfing spesulz 4 u but it no dun yet

I was crocheting on something that I was planning to take a picture of for today's post but it's almost tomorrow and my eyes are wrecked so you get this instead.  Sigh.  I'm always misunderestimating how long something will take me to do.

My sister Jamie is having another throat stretching surgery again tomorrow. It's only been three months this time before her throat became dangerously obstructed and it had been averaging six months.  They are also including  another biopsy hoping to discover what is causing the repeated buildup of scar tissue near her trachea.  It's almost guaranteed it is one of the autoimmune diseases so the answer isn't likely to be good news but we need an answer so correct treatment can commence. Prayers and blessings sent Jamie's way (and her family's)would be greatly appreciated.

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