Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Serenity #250 Drums & Read-a-Thons

Nothing like drums to keep you awake and turning the pages to the beat. Oh and these drums! Sublime.

Drats but I had this draft prepped and meant to add a line or two regarding the thons and post it in the final hours of Dewey's thon as a wake up and hang in there offering.  ah well

Dewey's has been over for an hour and a half already and i'm still awake.  Maybe i should pick up the next book and keep reading for Wonderfully Wicked until the next nap attack hits.  when it does I won't fight it and will probably sleep 12hrs so I may not get the sleep out of my eyes in time this evening to do anymore reading for WW.

UPDATE 9PM That's a wrap for WW.  I managed another thirty minutes this morning after Dewey thon and another hour or so this evening.  All those minutes scattered across more titles than I care to list here.  Part of it was in prepping library books to go back and browsing in the unfinished ones with no little regret..  My main accomplishment for both thons was to finish Breaking Dawn begun as WW started and finished as Dewey ended.

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