Saturday, October 08, 2011

A Different Drummer

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 I always knew I was marching to the beat of a different drummer but who knew she had such style.

Well the Frightful Read-a-thon has 24 hrs left in it.  I just finished Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer the third book in the Twilight saga.  I've just read all three back to back and tho I'm anxious to get on with the story I feel that's partly due to wanting to just get it over with.  Maybe I'm just burning out on it but if I were to write my review of the series right now I'm afraid I'd be less than enthusiastic.  Whether that is because I'm burned out or because I march to the beat of a different drummer than the millions who have gone gaga over the story who knows.  On the other hand, I did read something like 1200 pages in less than a week compulsively turning the pages.  The feeling of distaste building up and that compulsive page turning and the fact that I continue to think about the story when I'm trying to do other things doesn't jive.

I'm thinking I should wait on the forth one for now and move on to one of those four library books due on the 17th.  Ah, but will I...

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Jamie 10/09/2011 12:51 PM  

To be honest, I do enjoy the story, but only in bits. Because I think Bella is a selfish lady and she caused me anger. I think that is why the author wrote her character like that. Because I know lots of women who are just like Bella, so it isn't always the man who is at fault. I would recommend taking a break. I got the movies and I take breaks from them, because every since I got them and I have company they want to watch them and I am tired of it. For one thing, I cannot possibly envision a guy like Edward who is so gentlemanly, thoughtful, caring, and all these great traits. I have never met a man who I was not related to with these qualities. So it is hard for me to envision it.

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