Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?
Share what you (are, have been, are about to, hope to be) reading or reviewing this week. Sign Mr Linky at Book Journey and visit other Monday reading roundups.

Well, I'm up a creek this week.  I had four high demand books come in via my library requests the week of BBW and though I did browse in them, read a few pages to a chapter or so in each in the days after the came home, I put off focusing on them in favor of the banned and challenged books.

That week I started Twilight, East of Eden and read selections from several other books.

The Child Thief
 This past week I started out trying to go back and forth between the Twilight series, East of Eden, A Prayer for Owen Meany, (another BBW read and a Wordshakers book club selection,) some of the fable/myth reading I'm currently into and occasional browsing in one or more of these four exciting reads, I began to feel like I had a wardrobe of heads I was switching back and forth between.

The Night Circus

So I eventually settled down with Twilight and read them compulsively until I finished the third one Saturday.

Did I pick up one of the other begun or pressing reads then?

No, I started watching videos and crocheting.  And maybe sleeping a bit extra.

And now here I am with one week left on these four library books that not only will not renew for me but will be hard to get another turn with before New Years.
The Tiger's Wife
One week to finish four barely begun books?

There was a time when that would have been doable for me.  So doable I wouldn't have even fretted a moment about whether I could finish them all or which one(s) I'd have the hardest time waiting several months to finish.

But that's no longer the case.  Though I did read the three chunky Twilight books inside of a week that is rare and has a great deal to do with the very light quality of read they are.
The Weird Sisters

None of these four have that going for them and if they did I'd not be so frustrated at the thought of giving one or more of them up for three months.


Well, one thing i have decided is that I will be setting aside Twilight's Breaking Dawn until these four books go back to the library next week and I've finished A Prayer for Owne Meany and East of Eden.

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