Friday, October 14, 2011

I Love Yarn Day

In honor of I Love Yarn Day I thought I'd repost all the LOLcats I captioned over the last several years that featured yarn or string.

This exercise is also good for keeping me distracted from fretting and busy without too much thought as I await news on my sister who had surgery today.

And maybe it will entertain my sisters as Jamie recuperates in her room later this evening.

Did ya eveh looz trak a time?  Forget to eat?  Forget to sleep?
why puts me n kitteh hevenz
she no take me srsly
so it tru der such a ting  as 2 much a gud thing
so Mr Red Soot waz welcom gest... ...well dis embarassin.
u not jus b strinin  meh along i hopes
Tangled Yarnz!1!  it b mai birfday?
u haz nuf projex dis wun myn now k? thx
ai haz a ball
i b makn kissmiss pwezantz
well doan ax 4 mai halp den
dis mi fabrit ball cz it nebur getz lost cz i followz itz trayel wayrebur it goz
why u mad ai fine ur mistake ai fixd it
Invizbul yarn attak
Purrfesor Furgus demunstrates Entanglement Theory

dis no mess iz purreznt i b dun n tiem i purromiss
u can haz teh pot o gowld  i keeps teh raynbow. k?
Purrrrpul!!1! mai           faborit fanku fanku fanku
dis hear iz ower raynbo watsit u makes ur owin
Gotsa go  ketch u laterz

Good news.  Jamie is awake and talking.  There was some fear earlier that a trach might become necessary again due to swelling but that threat seems to have passed.

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