Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Forays in Fiction: Read-a-Thons!

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April @ My Shelf Confessions
This is my opening post for Wonderfully Wicked and the place where comments from other participants will be appreciated.  I may duck in here to update occasionally but mostly I'll do so on Twitter #WWReadathon and on Joystory's Facebook fanpage

Tomorrow I'll have my traditional Dewey 24hr read-a-thon post which I always call My Brain on Books and which is updated like a blog within a blog.  But will continue to update for both thons via fb and twitter.

That's right, I'm participating in two read-a-thons this weekend. The Wonderfully Wicked thon began last evening at 9pm for me (midnight east coast time) and lasts until midnight Sunday night.. A little less than 24 hours from now as I type this line Dewey's 24hr Read-a-Thon begins for me.

I didn't actually get to start reading until shortly after midnight as my husband got home from his swing shift early and I waited until he was asleep to begin as I'm seeing so little of him already and it is only going to be less and less as the season wears on.  He works on the shipping docks of a major mail order gift company in the Rogue Valley

So.  I had spent the last ten days frantically reading books due at the library Monday actually keeping one two days past due to finish it.  I have more library due dates pressing down on me but I decided to ignore that pressure and return to the Twilight Saga for the final book.  I began the first book about thee weeks ago and read the first three back to back before I had to take a pause or loose my chance to read The Night Circus and The Tiger's Wife for months.  The four Twilight books don't have that problem since they are on loan from my niece.  But I am determined to finish with them soon in order to return them to her.  I was shocked to realize last month that it was nearly two years ago that she handed them over to me.

Earlier this week I ordered from the library and watched back to back inside of two days all three of the Twilight movies now out on DVD.  I'd seen the first two before but not Eclipse.  This is one of those rare occasions when I like the movies better than the books.  I may try to analyse why when I do my reviews for the books which I am planning to do as a set and not individually.

My tentative reading plans for this weekend:

Finish Twilight's Breaking Dawn
Finish The Child Thief by Brom a library book set aside last week when I discovered it would renew afterall while two others would not and had very long queues.
Finish A Prayer for Owen Meany begun for an online book club, The Word Shakers
Get as far as I can in East of Eden which I began during Banned Book Week

I may take breaks from the novels to dip into the mythology/fable/fairytale collections I've got checked out of the library.  I began a major binge on them in September and wish to return to them.

But it's all tentative as I said.  I've got 40 items out of the library another dozen or two loaned to me by my niece, several more that belong to my sisters and a couple of hundred books I own that seem to sit on the shelves neglected as borrowed books rotate in and out faster than an owl's blink.  I also have a growing library of ebooks and audio books on my netbook.  This weekend is all about going with the flow--reading what I want when I want without apology.  Due dates will not figure in my choice.  I will follow my bliss.

I've been devouring fiction both reading and watching videos for over a month now.  It was calculated as part of the prep for NaNowriMo in part. To feast on story until it oozes out of my pores. To bathe in words and images until I'm drowning in them.  But this weekend probably marks the end of the binge.

Next week I need to get very serious about prepping my notes and file for my own NaNo novel and begin to disengage myself from the voices and dreams of other writers to focus on my own.  It's not that I intend to stop reading altogether during NaNo but it will have to defer to the writing which gets my prime attention and time for the duration.  And the the holidays are upon us and another trip to my Mom's in Longview in January for her 80th birthday.  So you see why the thons are important to me this weekend.

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