Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Liquid Love

Liquid Story Binder Timeline and Sequence Window

I've done it again.  I've downloaded yet another story writing ap.  This time Liquid Story Binder.  How could I resist when I saw that they too were having a NaNoWriMo special.  50% off their regular $45 or so dollars.  And you don't even have to win NaNo first.  I swear I love test driving aps so much I wish I could get a job doing it.  With my unique accessibility issues I would have an extra plus to offer.

Ed says I have to choose between Scrivener and Liquid Story Binder.  As much as I'm loving working with Scrivener I have a feeling I will settle on LSB.  But I won't be using it for NaNo because its learning curve is steep and I can't be distracted from the writing while trying to learn my way around.

So then why do I think I will choose Liquid Story Binder in the end?

Because of these: Timeline, Sequence, Storyboard and Mindmap and the option of creating a Binder to hold a complete series of novels.  Now these are all things I've been wishing for for ages to help me organize my Fruits of the Spirit novels that sprawl over more than a century and more than 100 major characters lives.  The Mindmap among may other things can help me build family trees!  The Timeline viewer can juxtapose multiple character timelines with the story timeline and actual history timeline.  I can also imagine how helpful this wold be for world building for a fantasy or sci-fi novel.  And I have one of those too.

The screenshot at the top shows a timeline window above a sequence window and the image at the below shows a storyboard window.

There are so many other cool and unique features but I will wait until I've screeshots of my own work to feature them in posts.  As you can see you can do some interesting things with images.

I am going to be working through the tutorials as I create the Binder for my Fruits of the Spirit story world over the next couple of weeks.  But that does have to take a back seat to NaNo.  I did not get my quota for the first day of NaNo because I downloaded this as I was getting ready to quit my work session to sleep.  I should have woke in plenty of time to take my 555 words to the daily finish line if not for spending three hours playing with LSB.  I had hoped to wake by 8pm when I decided to take a break to sleep but then I didn't lay down until 6pm and then slept until Ed got home just before midnight.   Which is why this post is late again as well.  Tho the timestamp will show 11:55 pm I'm still working on this at 2:30am.

Liquid Story Binder Storyboard
I download the 30 day free trial shortly before noon when it was already several hours past my ideal lay down time. .  If I'd been thinking clearly I would have waited a day so that it wouldn't be timing out the day before NaNo ends.  But since I'm fairly sure I won't be using it for my NaNo novel this year that is moot anyway.  It is also moot if I make my final decision well before the end of November.  I'm thinking I will decide the week of my birthday (November 13) since Ed has been calling it my birthday present since he first suggested I look into which of the various story aps I might like to have for my birthday in early October as I started prep for NaNo.

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