Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mobius Strip Tease

Mobius Strip

I've got Mobius Strips on my mind this week.  They have popped into my awareness in several different contexts recently and it feels weirdly like I'm supposed to pay attention.

I would explain but in the last half hour while looking at images trying to select one for this post, tracing their surface and edges with my eyes, my eyelids began to to get very heavy and my eyes want to cross or roll into the back of my head.

I think someone should look into the effects of Mobius Strip gazing as a soporific.  Better than counting sheep.

It's been a long day for me.  I woke before dawn on Thursday and it is nearly dawn again.  Thursday afternoon I spent five hours looking for a lost crochet hook.  My special size 9 steel with the dip behind the hook.  It was one of the ones in Ed's Grandma's sewing basket when it was given to me in 2006.  The hooks and the thread in that basket were the seed that began this crochet craze for me.

I have half a dozen projects small to medium begun with that hook and it is my only siize 9.  I lost my only size 8 somewhere between the parkinglot and the waiting room on a Dr visit last spring.  So that would leave me the choice between 7 and 10 to finish those projects and I wasn't sure how much impact the size difference would make on the work.

Well one good thing that came out of the search was getting a whole lot of stuff sorted, organized and put away.  But all the holding up and shaking out of blankets and sheets wore my arms out to the point it feels like I'm lifting weights when lifting my hands.

Want to see ore amazing images?  Do a Google image search for Mobius strip.  Or just go to the Wikipedia article.  There are some good images there but also some links to more images and discussion elsewhere. 

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strawberrycouture 10/07/2017 6:19 PM  

Thank you for sharing. I love the mobius strip and love to crochet. I design and crochet hats and scarves based on the mobius strip. A lot of people's idea of the moebius or infinity scarf is to crochet in the flat back and forth. At the end they will have half twist and join tge ends together. The end result has a seam and must be manually twisted to hide it.

My technique is different. I do the same thing but I do all of this in the chain. This seems like a new technique to a lot of people. I've been doing this for a long time. I even have a five Twisted version along with a 3 twisted. If you'll notice in my shop you can see a lot of my hats have the Twisted technique. It's based on that Mobius twist. I love your concept and love this magical twist. The technique I use is seamless and you are not crocheting back and forth. It's such a wonderful technique. I'm glad it's something that you're into as well.

Perhaps others can enjoy this concept. Here is what I'm talking about,

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