Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Me, senior year high school, November. This was a senior Home Ec project in which I prepared a whole Thanksgiving dinner for a crowd. My teacher came to evaluate. We combined the event with a housewarming as we had just moved here in September and with a church potluck as the construction at the church precluded it being held there. The potluck part was desserts and salads and beverages. It looks so serene but there was a frantic fuss below my feet as a busted pipe was flooding the basement where several long tables had been set up for the expected crowd.

Mom made the outfit I'm wearing for an 11th grade project in Colonial American History in which my cousin's 2 yr old Sarah dressed in a nearly identical outfit joined me in demonstrating children's interactive nursery rhymes from the era.  There was also a big white sunbonnet to go with both or our outfits.

And yes, for those of you who have seen this over there, I totally cribbed this from what I wrote in my Facebook album.  Was just too beat to try to say it all again fresh.  We just got home from our family Thanksgiving get together and since festivities began at 2pm I had to get up at 11:30 after only three hours of sleep. (Ed's swingshift messes with my sleep schedule) I woke with a headache, had to jump right into getting ready to go without my zone over coffee while waiting for my Focus taabs to kick in hour.  Then a major social occasion in a crowded poorly lit (for my RP eyes) room.  My nerves are as frayed as the first several feet of that thread I've been practicing hairpin lace work with.

Arrgh that sounded whiny.  And ungrateful.  In spite of everything I listed above I enjoyed myself, enjoyed the visits with my niece, nephew (the one who lived with us his last two years of high school in the late 90s) and grand nephew (9 years old and another reader in the family).  The food was excellent and I am grateful to all of the cooks and grocery shoppers and kitchen cleaners.  None of which I contributed to--the shopping and clean up because of my eyesight (lack thereof) and the food mostly because I don't have my own kitchen and my MIL's kitchen is not organized or lit to accommodate my eyes.  Ed shopped for and made his savory bread pudding which has been a hit at every family thing for five or six years now so we didn't just mooch off the rest of the family.

Well I need to either get busy with something (NaNo novel, review book reading, Xmas crocheting) or better yet just crash and get a good sleep before starting fresh in the morning.  Sleep is the best cure for the whiny whether it manifests in a 50 week or 50 year old.

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