Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Serenity #254 Hairpin Lace Crochet

I've spent most of the day watching crochet tutorial vids on YouTube. I went there primarily to find one for hairpin lace as that is my latest interest in the realm of crochet.

 I've been reading patterns and looking at pictures all over the web for several months and a week ago I finally got my hairpin loom. I spent hours yesterday trying to figure it out from the pictures and instructions on a couple of different blogs and kept ending up with a mess. 

 So I went looking for videos and found a bunch. Several of them quite good. It was very helpful to see each step worked in motion. 

 I now have enough loops on my loom to make a bookmark of six to eight inches. But that is a guess so I'm going to add enough to insure eight to ten inches for the finished bookmark. 

 The bookmark is the practice project. I have two Xmas gift projects in mind that use hairpin lace as their foundation. 

 Meanwhile I learned two knew crochet stitches on the videos today. Rather one new one and a refresher of the other. I first learned broomstick lace in my late teens when taking a highschool home ec class. I made three afghans for that class--a broomstick lace, a shell stitch and a double crochet with two strands of yarn.

I was noting that some of the hairpin pattern steps looked a lot like the broomstick lace concept when I first got interested in hairpin last summer.  I've been meaning to refresh my memory of the broomstick lace technique and now I have. Now I need a large knitting needle to sub as a miniature broomstick as I work mostly in lace weight thread. 

The other new stitch I learned today was the Catherine Wheel and i can't wait to try it out.


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