Saturday, November 12, 2011

NaNo Nausea

The Tempter's Taunts

The taunting from my inner tormentor seems especially bad this year.

 But don't I feel much the same around this same stage every year?

 My official wordcount still stands at 555 from that first session but I probably ought to be counting most of the words I've invested in notes and sketches and various musings about the story and maybe even the exercises in which I let my characters rant at will on whatever is on their minds.

 I've been told before that I've got too strict of a definition for what constitutes 'rough draft' putting more emphasis on 'draft' and little on 'rough' as though the only difference between a final draft and the earliest draft is the rearrangement of a few paragraphs and the fixing of typos and fact faux pas.

So sometime in the next couple of days I'm going to collect all of those rough musings into one place in order to count the words and adjust my official word count accordingly.

But first I'm going to give myself a day off.  Maybe play hide and seek with my muse by pretending to ignore the story while I fiddle with this or that, read a novel, watch a movie, go thread shopping, wield a crochet hook, doodle...

Eat birthday cake

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