Friday, November 18, 2011

Written? Kitten a Writer's Word Count Wooer

Written? Kitten Screenshot
There's a site called Written? Kitten which rewards the writer with a fresh picture of a cute kitten for every ____ words typed into the form.  You can change the number of words required to get rewarded.

If your browser supports local saving your work even gets saved though I'm sure I wouldn't depend on it for anything important.

Anyone who's visited Joystory and seen my obsession with LOLcats would recognize this as a good fit for me :)  I could see myself getting hooked on something like this but I'd prefer it to be  neither browser nor web dependent but rather a feature of my word processor.

I took the screenshot after earning my first kitten with 100 words.  It's not my NaNo novel.  Just a throwaway off the cuff ramble.

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