Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sunday Serenity #252 Messes are not Monsters

Melancholy Astronautic Man
Video by Sam Kassirer & Liam Hurley

I was cleaning out my flooded email inbox today.  A dreaded task when it gets over 1400 as it had.  So I had just worked it down to 800 when I found an old email from Mishara Music  which had a link in it to a page on their site where there were free downloads of their artists' songs.  That must have been why the email was still in my inbox.

Now, I'd set myself a rule at the beginning of the task that I wasn't to open anything except to get any info I needed beyond the name and @ of the sender and the subject in order to assign a label or create a filter.  I most definitely was NOT to start reading the newsletters, blogposts and product pimping emails nor to do any task associated with them that would take longer than a few seconds.

I broke all the rules by clicking on this link:

  mishara music : free songs

And then clicking on one of the links--Allie Moss' Late Bloomer--listening to the song, downloading it, sharing on fb, starting this post, liking Allie Moss' band page on fb, subscribing to her youtube channel where I found the video heading this post and listening to it twice before starting to write this.

So much for the inbox task.

You might wonder, as did I, why I chose the one song in the bottom right corner of that page to click on first.  It was only moments of wondering though before I realized that the picture of Allie Moss on the album cover (which you see briefly at the end of this video) reminded me of one of the POV characters of my 2007 NaNo novel, Spring Fever.  Maia Robins.

If you are curious to see why that might be read a snippet in which she appears through the POV of another character here.

By reading that you might also understand why, after opening my Spring Fever file to find a description of Maia and reading that scene, I've been both further intimidated and reassured regarding the current NaNo novel.  I also got way behind in 2007 and made such a mess of the file I've seldom been back to look at it since.  I'd almost forgotten there were a few gems like that scene buried in it.  And all such gems that exist are nowhere near a first draft.

I need to stop fearing that mess so I can return and polish out a few more gems.

Likewise, I need to stop fearing the mess I'm about to make of this year's NaNo novel.  It will never exist at all let alone posses gems if I don't get something in the file I can return to polish after New Year's.

I'm thinking maybe it was a good thing I defied the taskmaster by reading that email, following the link trail which led to me paying a nostalgic visit to a previous NaNo file where I was reminded that messes are not monsters.

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