Sunday, April 01, 2012

Sunday Serenity #277

Five Review Copy Books & New Lamp
 These books were waiting for me when I got home yesterday.  The are lit by the one of the new lamps my mom gave me.  Our new house has no ceiling light fixtures in bedrooms or living room and we had only desk lamps so we are loving these lamps.  This one here is one of a matching pair the third lamp is a floor lamp  A beautiful fifties relic which once was the main living room light in the house I grew up in so it is loaded with nostalgia for me.  I will post pictures later after we get a bulb for it.

Crochet Thread, Encyclopedia of Crochet, & My Dolphin Bracelet Crowning My Blue Mews.

That's the bulk of the thread my mom wound off the cardboard tubes for me over the last two months.  My sister bought the crochet book for me the first week I was there and I've learned half a dozen new stitches out of it.  Blue Mews is my muse for all things creative.  Also a pin cushion and keeper of my bracelet when I'm not wearing it.

Merlin and the Other Lamp
As you can see Merlin thinks the new lamp is splendiferous as well.  Now we need lamp tables.

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