Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Serenity #281

Merlin approves of my new chair as it means he gets booted off the office chair less often.

Three things making me happy this weekend:

1.  Ed got me an exercise ball this weekend and I'm using as a desk chair for a good part of the day.  I've decided I've got to earn time spent in the other chair by spending the first hours of each day on the ball.

It is actually not a hardship.  I've had less trouble with acquiring hotspots of pain on my hips, tailbone, lower back and buttocks or stiffness when I stand to walk after sitting for long stretches.  I've also had fewer incidents of drowsiness and less issue with agitation when windows freeze or downloads are slow.  I just bounce it away.

I call it my bubble butt bouncer.

2.  Open on my netbook when I took the pic was my script for Script Frenzy in Celtix.  Tomorrow is the last day.  I've no idea what my page count is, tho it was 33 10 days ago so is probably over 40 but under 60.  But I am not worried about it since I never intended to reach the 100 pages.  But I am pleased with my accomplishment this year anyway as working with the format is becoming easier to the point I'm hoping that maybe next year I can plan to aim for the win.

3.  My travel date for returning to Mom's has been set.  My sister is driving down to get me a week from tomorrow and I'll be returning on either June 9th or 12th.  I'm going this time to spend Mother's Day with my mom and her bday with my sister Jamie.  And to hang with my mom while my sister Carri attends some training for her work with troubled children which is her passion.

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