Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Puzzle on This

This was my entry into the Book Puzzle Mini-Challenge during Dewey's 24hr Read-a-Thon Saturday.  Nobody figured it out so I thought I'd repost it and drop a couple clues.

The challenge was to make a photo montage depicting the title of a book.  I'll drop my clues into the captions for each image.  Except for this one: The one word title of the book is also the title of the trilogy that contains it.

This is a well-known author.  At least in my time.  You need one of his names.

it is what it is.  say what you see

this is apparently a beloved video game.  you need it's name or possibly it is the name of the character depicted as I wasn't entirely clear
This was one of my all time favorite fantasy trilogies.  But I've never blogged about it since I last read it long before I started blogging.  Though I might have included it in a list for the Library Loot meme or something like that since I checked out both the trilogy in a single volume and audio books of each of the three volumes after watching the BBC miniseiries adapted out of it.

Really that should be enough clues to figure it out but if you need another nudge try looking at the image filenames and figure out which syllable contained in them need to merge to make the title.

I loved making this.  I just might make some more to use as posts when I'm scrabbling for content.  I might do the same for the mini-challenge where you make sentences out of the titles of books.

I have other ideas for creating puzzles, riddles, word-games and such out of bookish/writerly themes.  Would there be much interest in that out there?  Chime in.

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