Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm in a Quandary

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I need some insight on a character dilemma in one of my stories.  Here's the set up: Each spouse is a storyteller in one form or another.  One of them sees creative work as direct representation of the heart and soul of its creator and is always eager to give unqualified attention to the other's work and feels a profound sense of rejection when the other refuses to read(watch, listen too, attend performance etc) their work on principle (dislikes genre, politics, philosophy, religion, theme, character and/or style) and considers the threat of hurt feelings on the part of the other a form of manipulative tyranny over their intellectual freedom.

They each feel abused/misused by the other.

Is either of them right?  Or are both wrong?

Or are those just wrong questions?

Does this make the couple a poor match?

Could either of them ever be happy in this relationship without giving up too much of their integrity?

If you are a writer (or other creative) would either of these attitudes be a deal breaker for you in a relationship?

How is this worked out between you and your significant other?

I purposely left the gender out of my scenario to avoid gender bias in consideration of the questions.  It is possible that knowing the genders of the two is biasing my contemplation of it as when I switched the genders experimentally my feelings and judgments of the characters shifted.  I found that either position was more or less sympathetic/justifiable depending on the gender of its holder.  I also found that either position could be held and wielded by a tyrannical heart but only one of them, it seems to me, by a generous heart.  But again, I'm afraid my biases are bending my perception.

I suppose I just need to write the story to figure it out.  That's usually why I write stories in the first place.  But I got my brain and heart twisted into a pretzel of contradictions.

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